Program Descriptions

Swim Level Descriptions / First Aid / CPR / Lifeguard Training / Water safety Instructor Training. See below for class descriptions and see Pool Schedule for Dates and Times for each location.

Our goal is to identify each person’s needs and work with them accordingly. We do this by keeping our instructor to student ratio to no more than 5 -1 except for our advanced level Programs. It is common to be a beginner for awhile as the determining factor to move to an intermediate level is successful rotary breathing in the crawl stroke.

Our instructors are are trained to use a photographic eye to identify each person’s needs. We can always make adjustments in your child’s placement if necessary after the first class.  The goal of our lessons is to provide clear and concise instruction that the student will remember.  Parents are encouraged to watch our lessons so they may also work with their children during their time together.


We generally serve ages 4 & up. We will teach younger ages if we have a group of 3 or more. Please inquire if we have an existing group of younger children or if you wish to create a group we will provide a class for you as the teaching technique is different than a beginner.

Beginner class focuses on a basic front crawl and a basic back stroke with an ongoing emphasis on water safety. We emphasize rotary breathing from the start but this is a skill that is refined in the intermediate level. Students learn that flat is the best and most efficient way to swim. Beginners are quite often using a flotation device on their back (which we provide). A beginner is quite often but not always unable to swim with their face in the water. We do recommend the use of goggles. The experience of seeing under water makes things more fun when learning to put the face in the water.  We will have goggles available for sale at the first class.

This student can swim with their face in the water and can do some rotary breathing in the crawl stroke although a pattern may not be established. The focus of this level is to establish a breathing pattern and refine the crawl and backstroke in an effort to become more efficient and establish finesse. Elementary backstroke, diving, and breast stroke are also introduced at this level along with ongoing water safety instruction. Children are swimming the length of the pool for parts of this class.


This activity is for children 8 and older who can swim the length of the pool comfortably and have knowledge of Freestyle, Backstroke, Breaststroke, and some basic knowledge of Butterfly. We offer a continuous 30 minute workout and instruction.

This program is for the swimmer who has had lessons for awhile and looking for a more dynamic workout or exercise opportunity without the commitment of joining a team.  Private coaching for cometitive swimmers is available upon request.

Adult Swim Lessons / Parent Child Swim Lessons are available privately or if we have 3 people we can create a group. Please ask if we have anything currently running or if you wish to create your own.

  American Red Cross CPR & First Aid

CPR and First Aid classes are offered for Individuals, Families and Businesses. Advanced levels of CPR for The Professional Rescuer and The Health Care Provider are offered on site by our traveling trainers at times that are convenient for the group. We require at least 3 people to run a class ( recertifications are available for individuals).  Join an upcoming class or create your own at times that are convenient for you.  Please contact us via our contact page to request details and pricing based on your needs.

Recertifications  also available.

American Red Cross Lifeguard Training
Students must be 15 years of Age or older and pass a swim test of 12 lengths of the pool (one direction x 12). There is no time limit for this test but it needs to be continuous. This certification course includes everything you need to be a Lifeguard including CPR and First Aid. Interested participants will receive a full copy of class policies. Offered mostly weekends. Ongoing classes are offered at a variety of locations.  Please email us  or via our contact page to request a schedule.
Fee $295     Recertifications also available. 

American Red Cross Water Safety Instructor (WSI)
This class certifies individuals 16 years and older to teach Swim Lessons, Water Safety, Basic Water Safety and more. This class examines all the aspects of developing a progression when teaching children swimming. The goal is to deliver quality swim instruction. This certification does not expire if at least one class is taught each year and the appropriate paperwork is filed with the local Red Cross office. Please call to be placed on the list for upcoming classes year round.
Fee $295  Offered Fall & Spring  Please contact us on our contact page to request a full schedule.

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